Green Tea Conversations
The Quantum Colors and Inner Diamond with Annette Rugolo
April 18, 2022
Welcome to another insightful discussion with our dear friend, Annette Rugolo, environmental healer, soul coach, global teacher and speaker, and author of the book Soul Whisperer: Releasing Lost Souls. In this episode, Annette shares information about her upcoming course Inner Diamond Basics and the knowledge you will acquire should you attend. We delve into a simple 10-minute meditation that will transform your life and how you can use the quantum colors to work with and shift energy. We also get into a fascinating conversation about the transitional time our world is now experiencing as we move from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age. For more information about Annette, and to register for the class, visit
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Good morning and welcome to Green Tea Conversations, the radio show that delves into the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine to bring you the local experts who share their progressive ideas and the latest information and insights needed so you can lead your best life. I'm your host, Candi Broeffle, publisher of the Twin Cities edition of Natural Awakenings magazine, and I am honored to bring these experts to you today on the show. We welcome Annette Rugolo, environmental healer, soul coach, global teacher, and speaker, and author of the book Soul Whisper, Releasing Lost Souls. Welcome back to the show, Annette.
[00:00:42.550] - Annette Rugolo
Thank you, Candi. Always wonderful to be here.
[00:00:46.550] - Candi Broeffle
So this has got to be your 6th time on the show and you always have so much great information to give us. So we're really happy that you're coming back and you're going to be with us again for this hour. I'm going to ask you to, first of all, give us a little bit of information about you and about what you do in case there are people who are just tuning in who have never heard one of your shows before.
[00:01:10.490] - Annette Rugolo
So I have been doing, I call it energy work, working with energy, both on the inner level and the outer level for about 20 years. And I was really fascinated. I started back in the nineties when I started really being aware of energy movement and our ability to transform it. So I started I remember back in the late 90s, I taught a class I created a class called The Other Side of the Fish Tank that really help people understand what's beyond the third dimensional energy of their five physical senses. Spiritual senses, I call it. So I started with that. I met Marie Diamond in 2001. And I started with the Inner Diamond class, which is what we're going to be talking about today. And it continued from there, just really going into a deep dive into understanding the quantum field transformation, the energy that exists within us, around us. And that's been my world for over 20 years now. It's transformed my own life. And I've witnessed the transformation in so many other people's lives over the years.
[00:02:38.030] - Candi Broeffle
And I have shared my story a few times on different episodes that you've been on about the work that you've done in our home as far as the environmental healing goes. But I've also taken your class, The Inner Diamond, which we're going to get into in a minute. But I just have to go back to something because we've known each other now a few years first time I have ever heard of a class called on the Other Side of the Fish Tank. So you have to tell me a little bit about what that was because that just sounds amazing.
[00:03:09.830] - Annette Rugolo
I feel like I want to teach another class on that. So it started. I was in somebody else's class and I heard about an experiment that were done by I think it was Harvard or Yale students, and it was based on this experiment that they worked with fish. So they set up this fish tank, put a glass divider in the center of the fish tank and filled half of it with fish. And the other side stayed empty. So these fish grew up in this part of the fish tank. And I think they left them there. I can't remember the exact details. I want to say, like, six months fish are living in that side of the fish tank. And after six months, they took out this glass divider to see if the fish would then go and fill the entire fish tank and live in the entire fish tank. And they stayed in their side of the fish tank. What it was all about was about growing up in I would call it consciousness or like patterns or programs, how we're programmed. And it's like, well, spirits don't exist or energy doesn't exist. And if we grow up in that environment, we tend to not explore what's beyond our consciousness, what's beyond what we grew up with.
[00:04:45.410] - Annette Rugolo
Of course, there are a lot of children, a lot of people exploring that. But when I created this class, I really wanted people to get used to working with energy and intention and connecting with something outside of themselves so they can live in the entire fish tank. Right. So that was the name of my class, The Other Side of the Fish Tank.
[00:05:14.000] - Candi Broeffle
I love that. And I do think perhaps it's time for you to bring that class back or an iteration of that class. That's pretty.
[00:05:23.480] - Annette Rugolo
Yeah. And I love that title. And I remember hearing about that experiment, and what happened for me was like, what have I accepted as boundaries in my own life that are keeping me stuck?
[00:05:41.170] - Candi Broeffle
[00:05:41.980] - Annette Rugolo
And I just started like, what have I believed? What have I accepted? And I started exploring consciously for me, for myself. The other side of the fish tank.
[00:05:54.390] - Candi Broeffle
We have to do that every day. I mean, you never stop doing that, right?
[00:05:58.340] - Annette Rugolo
[00:05:58.830] - Candi Broeffle
There are still things that I surprise myself with. People often say about their spouse. Oh, we've been married so long. I know everything about them. Heck, I don't even know everything about myself. How am I going to know everything about my husband?
[00:06:13.110] - Annette Rugolo
We have to stay curious. Yes. I look at it, it's like on a physical level, we've explored this planet, right. We know most of the places on this planet. What we're doing now is exploring it energetically. Like what's beyond the physical? And that's our new exploration.
[00:06:38.270] - Candi Broeffle
Yes. And people are so ready to do this. I believe that people have been ready for a long time. I just feel like now is the time when people are really moving toward it. And when we talk about energy, it used to be that that was such a woo woo thing that people would discuss. Right. I mean, oh, there goes those people again, talking about energy, but really energy and intuition and who we are, our instincts, we all recognize it because we all have it right? So when we start to learn about it, it triggers that recognition inside of us. And so you and I have talked before about the work I do coaching and that I do, and I've worked with engineers and other people, and engineers are the greatest. I mean, they always say we don't talk about feelings. We don't have feelings. And of course they do. Everybody does. But when it comes to energy and what is the unseen, they really get it because they're so in tune, intuitively. And that's what I think is so exciting. We all have that. And so the work you do really helps people to tap into that.
[00:07:52.470] - Candi Broeffle
So you have a class coming up this Tuesday, which is in two days called the Inner Diamond Basic Virtual Class. This you're going to be offering by Zoom at 07:00 p.m.. And it runs for six weeks every Tuesday night. So tell us a little bit about what the Inner Diamond class basic class is.
[00:08:12.930] - Annette Rugolo
It's an amazing class. So this is the first class I took in 2001. I met Marie Diamond, and it's a class created by her. It's an inner diamond method. So it is a class that helps you consciously connect beyond your five physical senses. It helps you consciously connect with your inner wisdom, your inner sight, your inner knowing. It aligns your chakras. It opens you consciously to the quantum field where 24 frequencies of light or light frequencies, quantum colors exist. And when you connect with them in the class, you're activated, you reconnect with these frequencies, and it gives you these amazing tools that will transform your life. So it gives you an ability to access these quantum colors that exist. They exist for everybody, but you learn how to access them, to bring them into your energy field, to bring them into your experience, to embody them. And it totally aligns shifts, clears energy, clears patterns, programs, anything that you're ready to transform, you will learn how to transform that energy.
[00:09:55.330] - Candi Broeffle
I have taken the class with you and I just want to say I want to go into this deeper as we come into our second segment, but I do want to let the audience know this is something that you can use every day. I found the class fascinating. I found it really fascinating to learn about so many aspects of what's happening right now energetically in our world, which you really go into in the class, as well as how you can access those color frequencies and how you can help to kind of change the energy around you. And so I often do that. I'll use the different energy or the different quantum colors in different ways. And we'll talk about that more, too when we come back. But I'm really excited to get into this with you in our next segment. So we're going to go into a break right now, but again, I want to let people know the Inner Diamond Basic Virtual Class begins on Tuesday, April 19, at 07:00 P.m.. It will be offered by Zoom. And for people who would like to learn more about the class and more about the work that Annette does, you can visit, and again, that's Or you can call 612-394-3736 to read the online version of Natural Awakenings magazine, visit You can find a podcast of this show on on Apple and Google podcasts.
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And anywhere you get your podcast, you're listening to Green Tea Conversations on AM 950, the Progressive Voice of Minnesota. And we will be right back. Welcome back to Green Tea Conversations, where we delve into the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine and talk to the professionals who share their expertise on natural health with you. I'm your host, Candi Broeffle. And today we're talking with Annette Rugolo, environmental healer, soul coach, global teacher and speaker, and author of the book Soul Whisper, Releasing Lost Souls. So just before the break, Annette, you were starting to tell us or give us an introduction into the Inner Diamond Basic class that is going to be starting on Tuesday. And you started to introduce us to the 24 quantum colors and what you'll be starting to talk about in class. So tell us more about the colors.
[00:12:40.710] - Annette Rugolo
Yes. So these colors. So there are 24 quantum colors or light frequencies that you learn about. And out of these 24 colors, twelve of them are masculine frequencies, and twelve are feminine frequencies. So, for instance, the colors Royal blue and cobalt blue. Royal blue is a masculine frequency that connects you to your inner power. The cobalt blue is a feminine frequency that connects you to your ability to empower others. It's the frequency of empowerment. So out of these 24 frequencies of light, twelve are masculine, twelve are feminine. And it's like a Yin Yang combination. So, for instance, yellow and saffron, yellow, yellow for wisdom, saffron yellow for compassion. So each of these combinations bring you into balance within yourself. One of our purposes of being in this lifetime in this body is to bring balance into our own lives. So each of these frequencies helps to do that, but they also help you remember that you have these frequencies within yourself. One of the things that really attracted me to my first Enter Diamond class was a flyer that I got announcing the class. And I'll never forget in the flyer, it said these 24 frequencies, this class, will help you connect and activate your DNA.
[00:14:35.370] - Annette Rugolo
So we have 24 strands of our DNA, and each one of those strands is connected to a light frequency. So as people take this in a time in class, they are activating their DNA and they're living in more of their DNA. So there are scientists right now, studies that say that we are only operating on three or four strands of our DNA. So as we connect more with these frequencies, these universal principles, we are remembering that this is who we are. These are the qualities that we carry with us and we forgotten. And that's what the inner diamond is about is helping you remember your essence, your connection to the oneness and who you really are. On a soul level, that's beautiful.
[00:15:39.860] - Candi Broeffle
And it really does. It goes back to what I had kind of mentioned in the first segment about people just remembering our intuition, remembering who we are on a soul level. It makes sense what we're talking about.
[00:15:53.550] - Annette Rugolo
I'll never forget when I started working with the colors. So there's a color peach that holds a frequency of joy. Orange is for celebration. So that's a combination. And at that time, when I first started so this is back in 2001, I was very serious. I was very serious about my spiritual path. I didn't have time for fun. And it's like, oh, that's so frivolous. It's like keep your nose to the grindstone kind of thing. And it's like just keep working, working, working. And I realized when I started bringing in peach that it's like I wasn't having any fun, not that it's fun. Joy is different than fun. So it's like I wasn't finding joy in anything I was doing or much of what I was doing. So as I started embodying this peach frequency, this peach light, I started remembering the joy that I felt at different times in my childhood or in my life. And it's like I started attracting more joy in my life but also wanting more joy. So I was expressing more joy. So that was one of the frequencies that I had disconnected from and having that back in my life.
[00:17:28.140] - Annette Rugolo
It's like, oh, I feel joyful cooking now. I feel joyful playing with my grandchildren, and that joy is back in my life that was missing for many, many years.
[00:17:41.680] - Candi Broeffle
You feel joy as you're working?
[00:17:44.190] - Annette Rugolo
[00:17:45.020] - Candi Broeffle
It's really funny because I think people think especially people who are overworkers right, people who work all the time, who are really putting their nose to the grindstone, like you said, and trying to either climb the corporate ladder or build a business or just needing to do 80 hours a week job, whatever that looks like. And they think that once they get to a certain point, then they'll be able to slack off a bit and be able to have more joy in their life where actually they can have all the joy now they probably will get more done, more done and not have to spend all that time because you're coming at it from being more in the flow.
[00:18:28.910] - Annette Rugolo
Yeah. And it creates balance in your life. And that was the other color I really needed. So Ruby red is the frequency for balance. So I remember going full board for months, and then I would end up burning out, and it would take me a week, two weeks. I was sick, my body collapsed, and it's like it needed a break. So the other color I needed to work with was the Ruby red for balance, to bring that balance into my daily life. So I didn't go into burnout when I was exhausted.
[00:19:13.830] - Candi Broeffle
[00:19:15.270] - Annette Rugolo
So we start to recognize some of these patterns, these programs that we have and what's creating stress, what's creating disease or illness, and it creates this beautiful wholeness experience, and that's what the inner diamond helps people to do. It's beautiful.
[00:19:37.490] - Candi Broeffle
So tell us a bit about some of the other colors that people should be especially aware of. I know they're all important, but what are some of the other colors that they should be especially aware of?
[00:19:49.710] - Annette Rugolo
The Violet in the lilock. The Violet is one of the most powerful frequencies of the entertainment, and it gives us an ability to let go of what I call Karma. But patterns, programs, things that are keeping us stuck. So for those that are really feeling stuck right now, the Violet is a really important frequency to use. The other one, especially for right now, is the Emerald green for healing. So right now, we've gone through pretty traumatic couple of years, and that healing vibration is really important. Before we continue to move on, we need to take time to heal. Every time I teach this class, I always go into like, yeah, this is my favorite color. This is my favorite color. And it turns out they're all my favorite colors, but they're all so important. The other one that I really use a lot is the white. And the white stands for purity. And the white frequency releases abuse. So in all of us, we carry from this lifetime, past lifetimes energy generational abuse. So it could be physical, emotional, mental. We all carry that at some level, and that helps us to release and purify that energy so we can move on.
[00:21:31.240] - Annette Rugolo
And it really creates all of these colors create freedom. We become so free to be ourselves, to align with our sole purpose, to connect with our essence, to really be the light that we came to be.
[00:21:49.770] - Candi Broeffle
One of my favorite colors that you taught about was pink. So the color of pink, which isn't a color I normally like or am attracted to. So tell us about the color pink.
[00:22:06.450] - Annette Rugolo
The color pink. It holds a frequency of tenderness. And I'm going to say it again. I love all these colors. Every time I talk about one of them, it's like, yeah, this is a really important color to have right now. So pink is a frequency that if you're hard on yourself, if you have a lot of self judgment, pink will help you release that. So a lot of us, especially, I don't want to say especially women, but I've seen it mostly with women. We are really critical of ourselves and really hard on ourselves. So that pink softens, that rigidity. And I'm looking around at what's going on in our culture, in our country, right now, in the world. We really need to be tender with each other so that the pink helps us to listen to ourselves, to our own intuition, but also to others.
[00:23:12.270] - Candi Broeffle
That's great. So for people who want to learn more about Annette and the work she does, visit And that's You're listening to Green Tea Conversations on AM 950, the Progressive Voice of Minnesota. And we will be right back. Welcome back to Green Tea Conversations. I'm your host, Candi Broeffle. And today we're talking with Annette Rugolo, environmental healer, sole coach, global teacher and speaker, and the author of the book Soul Whisper, Releasing Lost Souls. So we have been talking about your inner diamond class and some of the things that people will be learning when they sign up for the virtual class that you have, which is starting on Tuesday at 07:00 P.m.. It's a six week class that's offered by Zoom. And you were starting to talk to us about the colors and calling in the colors and what they all mean. And I love this, but when I was looking at starting the class, I thought, wow, this seems kind of complicated. So tell us about when you say calling in the colors. What do you mean by that?
[00:24:36.010] - Annette Rugolo
Good question. So one of the things you're going to learn and you can actually do this right now, bring your awareness. 3ft above the top of your head and 3ft above the top of your head. You can just close your eyes. Go there. There is a ball of white light, and this is called your quantum point. Everyone has one. And when you connect with that quantum point, you can consciously connect with the quantum field where all of these quantum colors exist. So it's really simple. And you can actually close your eyes right now. Go to your quantum point.
[00:25:16.940] - Candi Broeffle
If you're driving, please don't close your eyes. Yeah.
[00:25:19.620] - Annette Rugolo
Thank you. No, don't close your eyes. Go to your quantum point and call in. Just visualize your intention is everything. Just call in Royal blue light and visualizes Royal blue light around and beneath you. It's like you're sitting in a Royal blue Tulip. And once you call in a frequency, you're pulling a frequency from the quantum field and bringing it into your third dimensional reality. Once you call in the color, it's there for 24 hours. That's the beautiful part of this inner diamond method. This meditation is you can do a meditation for ten minutes in the morning calling in these beautiful colors into your field. They stay there for 24 hours. They're there protecting you, supporting you, connecting you with your inner wisdom, your tenderness, your purity. Whatever color you call in, it's there working for you for the next 24 hours, you move on with your day and the colors continue.
[00:26:37.270] - Candi Broeffle
That was the thing that really sold me on the class was the fact that it was a ten minute meditation. I've tried meditating. I should be a really good meditator, but I'm just not. And so a ten minute meditation just sounded like that's something I could probably do.
[00:26:53.870] - Annette Rugolo
Yeah. And I describe it as a visualization. So you're working with colors, you visualize the color, you're calling it in with your intention. Intention is everything, and you move on with your day. So this is what's called an Aquarian Age meditation. It's simple, it's easy, it's fast, and it's powerful. One of the things that brought me to this class, and I had already signed up for the class, and at that time, this is back again. In 2001, I was looking for a new meditation. So two weeks before I took this in a diamond class, I had gone to intro class for another meditation. So it was a three hour intro class on a Friday night, went with a friend, and it was a beautiful meditation. Got very calm and quiet, quiet in my mind. And at the end, they handed out this booklet. And on the front page of the booklet were ten things that you had to do or could not do. If you did this meditation, in order to do this meditation, I would have had to not do any other meditation. I had to do this meditation for 3 hours a day.
[00:28:13.400] - Annette Rugolo
I had to become a vegetarian, could not drink alcohol, could not do any other energy work. It was like all this do's and don'ts and rules. And I just got out to the door and I just threw it in the garbage because it's like there's no way I'm going to sit and do a meditation for 3 hours a day. Who's got that time?
[00:28:34.820] - Annette Rugolo
Two weeks later, I'm sitting at the inner diamond class. The first thing out of the teacher's mouth is, so you're going to learn a meditation, a visualization where you only have to do it ten minutes a day, and it will transform your life. And they're asking, well, anything else we have to do? No, there's nothing else you have to do. So simply calling in these colors, these beautiful, high vibrational frequencies into your field, that is enough that it's going to just transform your life. I'm going, I like this, I'll do this one.
[00:29:17.990] - Candi Broeffle
And that's why I signed up, too, because you had told me that and I was like, I can do that. I can meditate for ten minutes a day, and it is life changing. And also I find that I'm tapping into it more during the day as well. So if one of our clients is not feeling well, I emanate out green, Emerald, green color to them. As I'm just around them, I just kind of visualize the green energy going toward them. And I find that it's just so helpful in so many ways. I've been in the grocery store line and you see a clerk who's really having a bad day, and I send them pink light for love, and, compassion. And then you go up into their space when it's your turn, and they just have a whole different attitude in that short amount of time.
[00:30:13.630] - Annette Rugolo
I know. It's amazing. So one of the things so along with activating the colors, the other things you learn in the class is how to radiate the colors. It's like sending light, sending a prayer. But what I realized it was it changed my response to a situation. And like you just said, sometimes you're standing in line, there's a grumpy clerk.
[00:30:44.150] - Candi Broeffle
[00:30:44.790] - Annette Rugolo
So it's like, again, I don't know what's making her grumpy, but I can either go into judgment and go, oh, she's grumpy, or I can send her light and send her some pink light for tenderness or gratitude for just being there as a clerk. So it changed my response to a lot of situations that I encountered, and it was beautiful. It's a win win situation. So it helps the other person, but it helps you because you're working with this higher vibrational frequency, too.
[00:31:22.800] - Candi Broeffle
Exactly. And I think if anyone is listening to this and is going, wow, that sounds kind of wonky. I just ask you, if you've ever sent a prayer to someone, you're doing the same thing, right? It's our intention. And so what I find is great about the color frequencies is it allows me a visual representation of it to go out to that person. So I'm sending that intention the same way I would if I were to send a prayer to someone as well.
[00:31:53.630] - Annette Rugolo
Candi, the other thing that you'll learn in the class is a transformation meditation. This is where we go. It's an amazing, powerful meditation. So once you become aware of a pattern, a program, so you start filling your energy field with light, and it's like, oh, I see that every time I meet this person, I respond this way. Like, I go into fear or into feeling less than I feel diminished. It's like, Where's that coming from? Well, in this class, you learn a transformation meditation that you can transform these responses, these patterns. We all come with this pre installed program, from our family, from our lineage. You can begin to change that. So that's another very powerful aspect of this class, along with learning. And I love this part of it, of the different cycles that we are now in that are playing out on this planet that we need to be aware of.
[00:33:16.990] - Candi Broeffle
I'm so glad you're talking about this, because that was my next question. Earlier, you had mentioned about the Aquarian Age meditation. So talk to us about give us kind of a brief explanation about what the cycles are.
[00:33:31.550] - Annette Rugolo
So the sun moves through the different cycles zodiac every 2600 years. The sun connects with a different part of the zodiac. So we recently came out of the Piscean cycle, which was 2600 years. And the Piscean cycle was the cycle that helped us create devotion on this planet. And in that 2600 years, we created religious organizations, our churches, our communities, where we gathered, where we met and I created devotion to God, to spiritual being, a spiritual master. And that was part of that cycle. And that ended around 20 00, 20 01. And, their son, moved into the Aquarian cycle, where the Aquarian cycle is the cycle of divine order. There's a frequency now that's unique to us right now. And to understand these cycles and how to be in it and support the current cycle is really important.
[00:34:57.750] - Candi Broeffle
When we come back, I'm going to ask you to just elaborate on that a little bit because it will help people to understand a little bit about what's happening in the world. And, of course, they'll learn more when they're in your class. For people who want to register for the class and to learn more about what Annette does, visit You're listening to Green Tea Conversations on AM950, the Progressive Voice of Minnesota. And we will be right back. Welcome back to Green Tea Conversations. I'm your host, Candi Broeffle. And today we're talking with Annette Rugolo, environmental healer, global teacher and speaker, soul coach, and author of the book Soul Whisper, Releasing Lost Souls. So before the break, you were talking to us about the different cycles that are happening and that we have moved out of the Piscean Age and are moving into the Aquarian Age. And what other things are we going to learn about in your class? Because I know there's another aspect when you're talking about the feminine and the masculine energy.
[00:36:14.130] - Annette Rugolo
Yes. So another cycle, it's a larger cycle that has shifted. So in 2012, we came out of a 13,000 year cycle that really held the masculine energy for our planet, and it's now shifted into the feminine cycle. And you'll learn more about that and how that happens and the effects. So one of the things I always tell people and it's really important to see it from another angle or another perspective is we have these two cycles happening on this planet at the same time. So it's not like one stops and one starts. So we have this clash of energy from the Piscean to the Aquarian and from the masculine to the feminine all happening on this planet at this time, which is really unusual for these two cycles to align and coincide. So we talk more about that in the class as well.
[00:37:28.020] - Candi Broeffle
You're talking about two different changes that are taking place. And, boy, we all understand how easy changes it's just going to flow, right?
[00:37:38.830] - Annette Rugolo
No problem.
[00:37:39.890] - Candi Broeffle
No problem. It's just going to happen. So if you're curious as to why things seem to be turned upside down right now and you want to see it from a more perhaps spiritual perspective, highly encourage you to sign up for the Inter Diamond class. You still have time to register. It starts this Tuesday in two days, and it's offered virtually for six weeks. So if you can register for that, please do so go to So, Annette, another aspect or another class that you have coming up that I want to get into here before we end the show is called Healing Family Karma. And this, too, is a virtual class, and it's May 4, and it's for three weeks.
[00:38:26.640] - Annette Rugolo
[00:38:27.520] - Candi Broeffle
So tell us what is Healing family Karma?
[00:38:31.930] - Annette Rugolo
Very quickly, we come in with three types of Karma, our individual Karma that we've created as a soul family Karma and soul group Karma. So this class really focuses on the family Karma that we have inherited from our lineage, either our dad's lineage or our mother's lineage. Candi, when I started doing this work, I became very aware of the energy that I inherited from my own parents. And I started looking at other people that I've been working with that I do so work with really becoming aware of the patterns and helping them become aware of the patterns that they inherited. Give you an example. This is more with the mother's side. So in this masculine cycle we've been in for 13,000 years, the women have been property. They have not been honored. They have not been seen. And in that lineage, there are responses to these lifetimes to how they're treated. And some of these lineages I've seen on the mother side, they go into becoming victims. Like they take on this victim energy. Some lineages go into anger. So they carry all this anger that hasn't been able to be expressed. So that gets passed down.
[00:40:14.670] - Annette Rugolo
And when those kinds of energies are created in this lineage and we take it on, it creates illnesses, it creates disease. Right. So we can look at our family stories, our family patterns. And the first thing we're going to do in this class is we're going to connect in with the souls of our lineages on both the mother and the father's side. And basically we can say, no, thank you. I don't accept this Karma. So it's a conscious choice to accept it or not. And we're going to consciously say, no, thank you. But we're going to help you on a soul level, clear this family lineage energy. I always call it like the buck stops here. I do not want to pass this family Karma onto my children, to my grandchildren, and it releases them from that energy, from those patterns. And that's in releasing family Karma that is so powerful.
[00:41:27.080] - Candi Broeffle
And I think about how many people I know who may have grown up in an abusive home and they grew up in an abuse, their mother grew up in an abusive home, or their father grew up in an abusive home. And that parent tries to do better for the next generation than they did they had. So they maybe don't physically abuse somebody. But the next generation has a lot of struggles with a lot of mental abuse or whatever. Right. So we try to do a little better each time, but we never quite clear it. We're taking generations to clear it. And what you're saying is this is something that can be cleared and can bring peace to you in this current life a little bit easier than trying to do it yourself.
[00:42:17.880] - Annette Rugolo
Right. And I've worked with so many people over the years that as a parent has passed, has died, they feel like this baggage. It's visceral like all of a sudden, like my mom died. And it's like this heavy baggage. I felt it just sitting right on your shoulders. Right. And it's like, yes, she didn't clear it. So here, let's give it to you. You clear it. Right. So some of it is in our DNA and some of it's energetically. As parents die, it's passed on. And to me, it's like we have the tools, powerful tools now to stop this passing on of family Karma so we can make it easier for every generation that comes after us and for ourselves.
[00:43:17.230] - Candi Broeffle
And it's so interesting, too, because we're hearing so much more now about it's becoming more mainstream and more, I guess, accepted that things that happened in the previous generations do impact every generation thereafter. So whether it was something that happened in the family or if it was perhaps American Indian communities, a lot of people had been in the boarding schools and the horrible abuses that took place in the boarding schools, even though that generation that it happened to may never have talked about it, it is that energy that's carried through generation after generation after generation. It happens in every family. It happens in every community. But now, like you said, now we can be more conscious about it.
[00:44:10.600] - Annette Rugolo
Yes. And we have the tools to release it. We don't have to accept it. We don't have to live with it.
[00:44:19.760] - Candi Broeffle
That is fine.
[00:44:20.300] - Annette Rugolo
And that's what that class is going to be about. It could be six weeks, but I wanted to give just a good three week intro on it, but it's a good way. And we're going to start working with the light frequencies. You'll get some activations, not all of the activations from the inner diamond, but you will be activated and you will receive some really powerful tools to continue to do that after the class.
[00:44:52.540] - Candi Broeffle
And that class begins on May 4 at 730 P. M. Now you also have another class we have a few more minutes to talk about briefly about another class you have coming up on June 3. It's a one day class, full day called Space Clearing Virtual Class. So what are you going to be doing in the space clearing class?
[00:45:14.350] - Annette Rugolo
Everything I do works with light frequencies. So this is going to be more about the environment. I'm a dowser and as I go into people's homes, the first thing I do is spaceclare. So one of the things you'll be learning is how to open up a portal. I call it a doorway to the quantum field. And over time in our spaces and especially coming out of covet we spent so much time in our homes, we've created a lot of emotional energy. The anguish, the grief, sadness, worry on a mental level, all of that energy creates this energetic fog or energetic dust. Once it's created and especially when it's created so intensely or by so many people that energy hangs out in the house and then it continues to affect us on a negative level. So it takes a lot of our energy to stay out of that.
[00:46:21.130] - Candi Broeffle
Now, I do want to say Annette just recently came and did this in our home did a space clearing in our home for one of our bedrooms where we've had in the last couple of years, two of our clients have passed away. Not unexpectedly, they were both on Hospice and that room happened to be the room where both of them passed away. And prior to you coming in, I was telling you I now use it as kind of our grandbaby's space where I can put her down for a Napoleon rocker and put her down for a nap and she was always very uneasy in that room and now she is very much content in there. Takes her naps in there all the time. So very important work that you're doing. Annette, thank you so much for being with us today. We sure have appreciated having you here.
[00:47:10.990] - Annette Rugolo
Thank you, Candi. It's always a pleasure.
[00:47:13.540] - Candi Broeffle
So for people who want to learn more about the work, Annette does visit and again that's You've been listening to Green Tea Conversations on AM950 the Progressive Voice of Minnesota and I am wishing for you a lovely day.