Green Tea Conversations
Socially Accepted Intuition with Rebecka Lassen
June 30, 2019
Meet Rebecka Lassen, holistic healer, professional speaker, Natural Awakenings contributor, and author of the newly released book, Socially Accepted Intuition. Join us as Rebecka shares her story of learning to trust her intuition and how she is now helping others to make better decisions by doing so as well. For more information or to purchase the book, go to

[00:00:02.930] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Good morning. And welcome to Green Tea Conversations, a radio show that delves into the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine to bring you the local experts who share progressive ideas and the latest information and insights needed so you can lead your best life. I'm your host, Candi Broeffle publisher, the Twin Cities edition of Natural Awakenings magazine. And today's guest is Rebecka Lassen, holistic healer, professional speaker, Natural Awakenings contributor and author of a newly released book, Socially Accepted Intuition. Welcome to the show, Rebecka.

[00:00:38.190] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
Thanks, Candi. Pleasure to be here.
[00:00:40.770] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So this book that you have written is really an act of love for you.
[00:00:45.870] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
That is an easy way to book. Yes.
[00:00:49.210] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So how did it all come about?
[00:00:51.640] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
You know, it's kind of one of those stories. I'm sure that can happen to anybody, but it came to me in a dream. I actually wasn't even a dream. I woke up in the middle of the night in 2017, and I just had the story in my head and I would love sleep. Sleeping is a wonderful thing. And I couldn't go back to sleep because I was like, if I don't write this down, I'm not going to be able to go back to sleep. So I got up at 03:00.
I think it was about 03:00 in the morning, and I just started typing. And the next thing I know, my kids were like, mom, can I have some breakfast? So I spent probably wrote 20 30 pages that whole night. And that was the start of my book.
[00:01:36.850] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And so what was the premise that came to you in the middle of the night, which, by the way, is when all great ideas are created?
[00:01:43.420] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
I think so, too. there's just so much that your conscious goes away for a bit. And your subconscious can come forward a little bit more and give you all these great ideas. I think the big premise was was more at first autobiography, auto.
[00:02:02.910] - Candi Broeffle, Host
[00:02:04.150] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
I guess you more like an autobiography. There you go. Let's see that it's better. And so I just talked about growing up in North Dakota and my need for acceptance. That's really what the first draft, if you will, of my book was was just me trying to figure out why was I so different growing up? And those are the kind of the questions I pursued that morning when I wrote.
[00:02:32.560] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And so tell us more about socially accepted intuition. Well, actually, before we get into that, tell us more about how about your kind of growing up in North Dakota and some of the experiences that you had that really kind of led you down this path.
[00:02:50.020] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
Yeah, absolutely. Like I said, the premise originally was, why did I not feel like I was fitting in? I grew up in a very small town. I know some people like I grew up in a town of a couple thousand. No, I grew up in the hundreds. The small town only has about 700 people in it, and we didn't have a stoplight, no food delivery, nothing fancy like that. And for some reason, I had a hard time making friends. Everything just seemed off like not. It's hard to put it in words, but I just knew something that I was either different from everybody.
Or I don't know exactly. It's just really hard to explain. You just know that something's off intuitively. I knew it. Maybe I just didn't fit in there. And so as I explore that and continued on, I had some strange things happen that kind of opened my eyes to. Okay, you aren't like everybody else, but that necessarily isn't bad. I got picked on a lot. My family was kind of the outcast family. My mom worked in a bar. My parents were divorced. My three older siblings always got into trouble, and I was like, I don't want to get in trouble. That looks awful. So I was like, the goody two shoes.
[00:04:08.220] - Candi Broeffle, Host
But they didn't fit into your family necessarily either.
[00:04:12.700] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
Yeah. No, I didn't fit in with my family. I didn't fit in with friends. My best friends were a closet homosexual, a homeschooler, and the daughter of a principal. So we just were all, like, these little outcasts. But we had our little friendship. And it all kind of came. The big experience for me was my mom. When I was about 14, she tried to kill herself. She tried to commit suicide. And that just changed the whole trajectory of my life without me realizing it, that that my mom did not like being in the town anymore after she came back after her treatment and stuff.

And so she just ask, hey, can we move? I don't like it here anymore. And I said, sure, let's go. Let's try something new because I knew that I could maybe be myself somewhere else.
[00:05:09.920] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And was it just the two of you at that time where your older siblings already out of the home?
[00:05:14.680] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
Yeah. So my sister, Pam, my mom said one Pam graduates high school and goes off to College, which you'd be willing to move. So I was about 16. So that was about two years after that incident. And then we decided to move to a bigger town. This is a big town now. Population about 7000.
[00:05:33.700] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Huge. You could just get lost.
[00:05:35.790] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
You so many stoplights. I think there was maybe five stoplights. We would cruise town. And it's only like, three roads that you just go up and down when you're in high school.
[00:05:46.270] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Yes. I grew up in a community like that as well.
[00:05:48.660] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
And then there's always, like, a little parking lot where everyone hangs out all those high schoolers. So that was a big push for me to be different. And that was when a kind of without realizing that my intuition start leading me and making decisions for me.
[00:06:07.840] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And what kind of decisions was your intuition helping you with going up to the right group of friends.
[00:06:13.370] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
I think that was a big one. A group of friends that was accepting of me, which I haven't really had that before. I had already let go of trying to fit in with my family, being accepted with my family. And once I let go of trying to sit in with my family and let go of trying to it conformed so much to be with somebody, to fit in with a group and started to be myself with my new group of friends. It's funny how when you let go, things start to fall into place, correct?
[00:06:45.680] - Candi Broeffle, Host
[00:06:46.640] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
And things just started to fall into place. I was on track, track, and field. I was a runner. I got some good jobs. I do make support decisions in my dating life, but you can't win them all.

[00:07:01.720] - Candi Broeffle, Host
I did listen to that intuition then.
[00:07:05.090] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
Not peer pressure convinced me to go on some bad tapes.
[00:07:11.310] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Now, one of the other things that you did is you trusted your intuition to join the military. And thank you, by the way, for your service.
[00:07:19.950] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
Oh, thank you. Yeah. That was the biggest point for me, right there was to join the military. Recruiter, came to class and handed out little slips of paper and said, how are you going to pay for College? I was a junior, and I was like, I haven't even thought about College. What you're going to do with your life wasn't a conversation we had in my family. It's like, you're going to work because we need money. So I didn't even think about College at that point. So I just filled out the piece of paper the recruiter called me, and my response was, Well, I just don't want to go this summer, Can I wait till after I graduate because I was a junior, and he was like, yeah, that's no problem.
So I said, okay, and I had to bring my mom down because I was 17 and you can join when you're 17  but you need your parents to sign off. So I told my mom, I said, Mom, I'm joining a National Guard, hoping she'd be like, oh, I'm so proud of you. You're so different from the rest of your family. Instead, she's like, oh, so you're gonna be like, your brother? I was like, what? I had no idea that my brother joined the National Guard already.
[00:08:29.790] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Oh, wow.
[00:08:30.780] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
But, you know, that led to Fort. That little intuitive decision led to a 14-year career in the military.

[00:08:37.900] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And again, thank you for your service. So what kind of things did you learn about yourself? I mean, that's going in when you're pretty young to get into the military. And in that 14 years, what were some things that you learned about yourself through that experience?
[00:08:53.720] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
A couple of big things that I learned about myself is I like to be in leadership roles. I didn't always because I was just trying to fit in so much. So I didn't realize that I had that leadership potential, but I always felt good being able to help somebody become better. And I could see I had a platoon about 15 soldiers at one point and just be able to watch them grow and help them make decisions that not only help them in the military career, but their civilian life with National Guard soldiers.

You know, they work two weekends or one week in a month, two weeks a year, which that's actually not true. We were way more than that. But it was amazing to watch them grow and being in a leadership position to help. See, that was just something that I absolutely loved.
[00:09:50.920] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And isn't it interesting that something that you probably never even considered your intuition led you into, which then brings you to this realization that you really are a leader?
[00:10:03.350] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
[00:10:04.660] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And that you may not have had that opportunity in another role to be able to if you had gone in and kind of followed the same path as other people in your family, you may never have gotten that opportunity to really learn about your own leadership potential.
[00:10:19.240] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
Yeah, absolutely. I had to really find my own path. And my intuition led me to that on my own path, because if I would have just went with what I was supposed to do instead of what I felt right to do, I would not be where I am right now.
[00:10:33.800] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So 14 years, what made you do 14 years?
[00:10:37.870] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
It was just time for change. I know a lot of people. And I decided that it was at the ten-year Mark when I wasn't sure if the military path was right for me anymore because of the 14 years were full time. And I just wasn't sure if that's the right path anymore. And in the military, you only need to do 20 years full time to retire with full benefits. All of that great, wonderful benefits. So I had plenty of people to tell me that I was crazy to only do those 14 years.
[00:11:10.920] - Speaker 2
But I just felt my path had shifted, and I just knew that that wasn't where it was supposed to be anymore. It was that of healing that your intuition really leads you to. Your intuition will tell you if something doesn't feel right anymore and that you're supposed to be doing something else.

[00:11:26.820] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And so when we come back, we're going to find out what, that something else was great. So for people who want to learn more or to purchase the book, they you can go to That's Rebecka, R-E-B-E-C-K-A Lassen L-A-S-S-E-N. Com. When we come back, we're going to continue our conversation with Rebecka and to read the online edition Natural Awakenings Magazine. Visit NaturalTwincities.Com. We will be right back.
Welcome back to Green Tea Conversations, where we delve into the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine to talk to the professionals who share their expertise on natural health with you. I'm your host, Candi Broeffle. And today we're talking with Rebecka Lassen, Holistic Healer, professional Speaker, Natural Awakenings contributor, and author of a newly released book called Socially Accepted Intuition. So just before the break, you were starting to tell us about of your background and some of the ways that your own intuition led to some decisions that you made in your life. And so one of the things that you talked about is you had a 14-year career in the military, and you decided after 14 years that you needed to do something different, something was telling you there was something else for you.
[00:12:52.690] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So what was that? Something else
[00:12:56.060] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
When it boils down to what that something else was. It was my intuition. Their intuition can speak to you in multiple different ways. And just every aspect of what I was doing in my military, I was very unsatisfied. I could see that I was becoming someone that I didn't like anymore. So I tried to do new jobs within the military, and I just kept getting roadblocks. Your intuition I talked about in the book is just like this little kid throwing a tantrum. It wants you to do what you're supposed to do.
[00:13:31.960] - Speaker 2
And if it doesn't, it's going to throw tantrums. And those tantrums were roadblocks. It was people blocking my promotions or whatever it was. And so once I decided to listen to that sort of opening doors, it introduced me to the holistic side of the world very, very randomly, very seriously. I ran into had a reading with a psychic. I didn't mean to have a reading with a psychic. Was it something I meant to do? It just happened. And that's when all of it kind of hit me at once.
It was like, oh, wow. There's something more than that I'm supposed to be focusing on. Now I need to change my path, and this is gonna help me get there. I need to go.
[00:14:21.450] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And so when it came to having that conversation or having that reading, what was it that they told you that made you really decide? Okay. I need to go into holistic healing.
[00:14:34.680] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
She said I was a healer, and I'm very skeptical, especially with my military mindset. I'm like, okay, yeah, lady, whatever. I'm sure. So she said some things. I was a healer, and, you know, she said some things I'm very familiar with the Barnum three, which people put apply personal feelings or personal aspects to vague statements. So that was going through my mind as an. She said some things that were way too specific for her to just put a vague statement out there. And so I decided I'm a rule follower.
And even though a skeptical, I decided to kind of just pursue that path a little bit more and kind of look into the healing and I found the there's a program at Anoka Ramsey that integrated holistic and health. I integrative and holistic health and healing, and I pursued that. It became a Reiki master. I did the healing touch courses, so I'm not fully practitioner yet, but I've done most of those as well, too. And I just Dove into that. That was pure just trusting my intuition.
After I did a couple of tests because I didn't believe it right away. When I found another psychic, I call my mom. I did a lot of different things to, like test legitimacy of what she said.
[00:16:04.530] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Do you think I'm a healer? Asking people?
[00:16:07.960] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
Yeah. It was a crazy conversation with my mom.
[00:16:11.280] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And so you just actually completed the program?
[00:16:15.280] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
I did Yeah
[00:16:16.910] - Candi Broeffle, Host
With Anoka Ramsey, and you have started to use how have you been starting to use that education?
[00:16:25.090] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
That education was amazing program. You learn so much about just the different varieties of holistic healing and different avenues so you could really pursue the one that so your intuition leads you to. Mine was the energy healing that I really enjoyed. But overall, the program was amazing for the for the fact that it forced you to experience things. Okay. You need to go write a paper. Here's this paper you need to write about. No, you need to go spend 2 hours in nature without your cell phone, and then now write about that experience, or you need to do this creative arts project where you draw a self-portrait of how you're feeling or where you're at in your life right now.
So that really forced you to experience the holistic modalities instead of just write about them and read about them. And I think that's the one of my bigger takeaways from that degree is experience is so important, you can read and research all you want and have all this knowledge-based. But if you don't do anything with it, if you don't get the experience and it's just knowledge, it doesn't make you any wiser.

[00:17:39.530] - Candi Broeffle, Host
The interesting thing is, too, is that as you're growing up and you said, you really didn't fit in and you didn't fit in, even with your own family. And you have some of these feelings that you tend to then start to kind of stuff down or start to negate. We start to ignore those feelings, and we put up more of a veneer a little bit tougher veneer. It's interesting that you went into the military, you learn your leadership skills, you learn, you gain that confidence. But now your intuition is telling you, but you have to be able to also then kind of see that softer side of you.
[00:18:16.340] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
[00:18:16.930] - Candi Broeffle, Host
You have to be able to experience the pain, experience, the emotions really understand that aspect, too. And so you listen to that. And though it wasn't anything that you really ever thought you were going to do, look at how much you've taken away from that.
[00:18:33.760] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest

[00:18:34.560] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And so you really develop this ability to trust your intuition and to make decisions around your intuition.
[00:18:42.690] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
I think people use their intuition all the time, and they don't even know it. So many people like you said have that that face like that veneer. And that's just not they've made this up, that this is who I am. This is who I'm projecting out to the world. But they haven't really listened to their intuition fully. But maybe they have made some decisions that have led them. And you can look back in your life easy for anybody to do. Right. So think back to a moment that you made a big decision in your life, and it just felt so good.
It felt so right. And it's probably because you made that decision using tuition. Now think one moment they made a decision that awful. It didn't feel right. And it led you down to ugly path. What forced you to make that decision? Was it your intuition or was it something else that kind of led you to make that decision.
[00:19:44.170] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Right? Was it part of the supposed to
[00:19:46.630] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
The supposed to
[00:19:47.770] - Candi Broeffle, Host
This is what I'm supposed to do?

[00:19:50.070] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
Yes. And this is what I feel I'm supposed to do. I'm supposed to do this because that's what society has told me to do. That's what people tell me. I'm supposed to do it. This is what what I feel I'm supposed to do. And often most don't line up what you feel inside you're supposed to do and what society tells you very rarely will that ever line up.
[00:20:12.630] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And when we come back, we're going to continue this conversation and really get into one of the things that you said earlier is just making those not making a decision that you knew you intuitively, you probably should have and what happens in that situation. So we're going to get into more of decision making, using your intuition to learn more about Rebecka or to purchase her book, Socially Accepted Intuition. Go to that's Rebecka, R-E-B-E-C-K-A. Lassen, L-A-S-S-E-N.Com to read the online edition of Natural Awakenings magazine or to check out our complete calendar of events, visit You're listening to Green Tea Conversations on AM950, the Progressive Voice of Minnesota.

[00:21:08.060] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Welcome back to Green Tea Conversations, where we meet the professionals straight from the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine who share their expertise on natural health with you. I'm your host, Candi Broeffle. And today we're talking with Rebecka Lassen, Holistic Healer, professional Speaker, Natural Awakenings contributor, and author of the newly released book Socially Accepted Intuition. So, Rebecka, just before the break, you were starting to tell us about how you have used your intuition in decision-making.
And so what do you find are some of the things that holds people back from really listening to their intuition.
[00:21:47.480] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
The biggest reason that people don't listen to intuition is fear. People are absolutely terrified of what that means for them if they listen to their intuition because it can mean maybe I made a decision in sticking with this job. I have that I absolutely hate, but I'm comfortable here, even though I don't like it. But it's comfortable. Or maybe it means that I don't like where I live and I bought the wrong house. I married the wrong person, and people are terrified of what if they listen to their intuition, where that's going to leave them?
Because it's an unknown you can't know. And many people are just not comfortable with the unknown.
[00:22:32.820] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Do you think it is? There some aspect of it, of what other people will think of us? Yeah, right. That's a big part of it.
[00:22:42.500] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
That's also a huge part of it, too, the fear of being socially accepted. I mean, I talk a lot about that in my book about, well, people think I'm absolutely crazy. People want logic and they want reason, and intuition doesn't provide that intuition. The definition of intuition is knowing without conscious reasoning. It's just knowing that something is supposed to happen or knowing that you should be in a certain spot. But you can't justify it. And people want that justification. They want that reason. And that's just not how intuition works.
But when it does work on after you make that decision, if you follow that intuitive thought the way you feel afterwards, it's like it's like a warm, fuzzy. It's like you just take that big bite of ice cream, and it's just it's so perfect. That's how intuition, when you make a decision, using your tuition, that's how it can feel.
[00:23:46.480] - Candi Broeffle, Host
It doesn't mean that you're not going to still have some fear that as you go along, because I know I have had those same experiences myself. I had a job that I absolutely loved for an organization that I was absolutely devoted to for 15 years, and for 13 years, I was extremely, extremely happy there. And for two years I was extremely unhappy.
[00:24:12.070] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
That's then your intuition started to throw that big tantrum for you.
[00:24:16.020] - Candi Broeffle, Host
But I went through the whole thing myself, but I should, you know, I know what this can be. I know how good this can be. I've experienced how good this can be. And so I just bought it and bought it and bought it for so long. Even though intuitively, I know I shouldn't be there. I was trying to change everything else instead of changing me. And once I decided that everything else wasn't going to change and shocker here, I have no control over anybody else, right? I have no control over anything but me, which I finally alert, and I made that decision.
It was it's a huge relief. You just make the decision to leave, you make the decision to do something completely different, you know, it's right. You can feel it's, right. But you're still scared. And so one of the things I used to tell myself, and I welcome other people to use this, too, is I would say to myself, and I would say to anybody who asked me, anybody, who said, I can't believe you're leaving. I'd say, oh, I know, but I'm really getting comfortable being uncomfortable.
[00:25:18.670] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
Yeah, I love that
[00:25:21.510] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Because I was completely comfortable leaving after 15 years. But that's a huge part of it, don't you think?
[00:25:29.540] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
Absolutely being uncomfortable. It's funny. So many people will stick into there. I'm uncomfortable. And I know this is not what I'm supposed to be doing, but I don't know if I'm willing to risk my slight discomfort for something really bad to happen, or more than likely, they're using their intuition. That's something amazing that's going to happen. And there's just too much uncertainty. There one of my things that that one about my uncomfortableness. One of the things that gets me through that fear is I tell myself, shares not based in reality.

We're so good at telling ourselves stories. I was hiking in Colorado, and the phone at first hikes was this huge metal railing on the side of this cliff and box Canyon, and all of that was holding me up. Was this this little metal rail? And I'm like, sweating panicking. And once you get to one point, you have this huge, like, hundred-foot metal bridge to cross in order to get over this falls in this box Canyon. And I was just absolutely terrified. I was like, tell me, oh, this is gonna break.
This is I'm gonna plummet to my death. There is no the water's not deep enough. I am gonna die on impact. Just so many crazy stories. And my sister-in-law, she's like, that's not going to happen. I was like, you know what? You're right. This fear I have is not based in reality. I can trust myself to walk a straight line those rails. And once I got over that, it was the most beautiful, amazing view on the other side of that bridge. Just gorgeous after we got through creepy tunnel.
But then it was gorgeous. But that's so true. Intuition. When you decide finally to make that decision, use intuition, it's going to be so scary to take those first couple of steps when you can't, you don't know what's on the other side. And when you finally do and you make that decision, you cross that bridge, it could still feel really scary. You can go through this dark tunnel, assuming that there's bears that are going to attack you. But there's not. This is the story you told yourself.
And once you get over that, it feels so good. It feels right. And that's what intuition can do is it can lead you to a feeling of right.
[00:28:01.160] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And it's also, you know, as you start to use your intuition more, you start to trust it more, yes. And you start to just not even question it after a while.
[00:28:13.880] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
Your intuition, especially if you've never maybe used decisions or use your intuition without you realizing it. But once you start to realize that you're making decisions, using your intuition and you start to trust it, you don't have to worry about indecisiveness any more decisions. You can make decisions with confidence. You don't have to stop worrying about what other people will think of your decisions because you use your intuition, and your intuition will only lead you to the highest good. So once you learn to trust that intuition, you're making those decisions, your life is going to go on a win-win path
Now, it can get ugly for a minute because your intuition, again is a small child, and it's going to do what it can to lead you to it. So if that means you need to get fired from your job, I'm sorry. That's what your intuition was trying to get you across the country to a different spot where you're supposed to be. And maybe they need to fire you because you're not listening good enough.

[00:29:13.590] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And you're not right. You're not trusting your intuition. And that's one of the things with coaching. I coach a lot of people, and it's one of the things I hear over and over and over again is people resisting leaving a position they want to continue to be there. And again, I've experienced that myself. But when you continue to push or resist against that, leaving you create that resistance that then there's nothing that's going to happen. It's going to continue. You're going to continue to get those roadblocks, you're going to continue to get those things that are saying, this is not the right place for you, right?
[00:29:52.630] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
If anybody has kids, they will do anything they can to get your attention. Mom, mom, mom, mom. And then once you finally listen, you're ready to blow up, you're so angry that you're like, you're trying to do your work or whatever it is your kids just trying to annoy you. But then when you finally look at him and you're like what they're like, I love you. And that was it. You were bugging me, and it's a simple I love you. That's what your intuition is trying to do.
It's going to bother you until you look at it. And once you look at it, it's just like, hey, I love you. Here I am, you know, and it's just going to try to lead you to just that right place.
[00:30:29.930] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So why do you think we have such a hard time? I mean, I know there's a lot of fear around it around changing. But when you're talking about kids, kids have such a natural ability to listen to their intuition. We come into this world just completely raw and open and ready to really listen to what our intuition is telling us. And then somewhere along the line, we start to get away from that what is it that happens from going from birth and having this to as an adult?
[00:31:04.920] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
I don't want this to sound like a preachy, but society happens. People's predispositions and people's beliefs. Our parents, Meanwhile, by us by saying, you know, you need to go give your uncle a hug or no, don't go to that house or their own beliefs. Even when it comes to their religious beliefs, everything has predispositions. And we as parents put those on our children. And sometimes we Meanwhile, but maybe we're were sending mixed messages. We want them to trust their intuition by saying, oh, go hug that guy over there.
But they're like, no, I don't want to. We need to respect that about kids. Like, if they don't want to go give someone a hug a bye, that's not because they're rude. Kids are intuitive. They just know and that maybe that's just not what they want to do.
[00:32:03.280] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Right? It may not be a safe thing for them to or they're just uncomfortable. And that's okay. If we would listen more to our intuition and knowing when we're uncomfortable, it would be so much more helpful to us. So try not to get our kids to not do that right.
[00:32:19.910] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
It's hard. You got to practice on yourself. Learn to trust your own intuition and even just simple decisions. You could practice with your own tuition. Sure, that now take a left or right corner, you know, a stop sign. Or should I go to the store or not? When you have the best one is you have a random thought come to your head like, oh, why do I want to go to my favorite store today? Even though you have no reason to go there, we'll just go and just to see what happens.
The other day, my husband and I went to drop off some books. Actually, The Eye of Horus curious my Book of Town in Minneapolis, and we went dropped off books there, and he was like, Well, what are we going to do? And, you know, I just threw it out there and I said, let's go to Midtown Global Market. We went there. It was kids' night. It was Friday night. They have, like, kids night there. So the kids got to do a craft. I met a couple of people who took my information about my book for setting up some intuitive leadership seminars.
And that was just a great example of, like, oh, just a simple little easy thing of what should I do next? Where should I go? We went to there, and it made me a great connection. And my kids had a wonderful time.
[00:33:36.480] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Isn't that amazing? So you just never know what's going to happen when you're listening to that intuition and just follow it. Just follow it. So again, where can people find your book?
[00:33:47.420] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
So The Eye of Horus is shop a metaphysical shop in Uptown in Minneapolis, right off of Lake Street or the easiest thing that people love is you can just order it right on Amazon so you can just Google search it socially Accepted intuition.
[00:34:04.130] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And they can also find it on your website, which is Rebeckalassen.Com. To read the online edition of Natural Awakenings magazine, visit NaturalTwincities.Com. You can find a podcast of this show on or on Apple and Google podcast. You're listening to Green Tea Conversations on AM950, the progressive was Minnesota, we will be right back.
Welcome back to Green Tea Conversations, where we delve into the pages of Natural Awakenings magazine and talked to the professionals who share their expertise on natural health with you. I'm your host, Candi Broeffle. And today we're talking with Rebecka Lassen, Holistic Healer, professional Speaker, Natural Awakenings contributor, and author of the newly released book Socially Accepted In Tuition. So Rebecka, tell us about the book just came out.
[00:35:05.680] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
I May 7 is when it just was released.
[00:35:09.070] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And you have already had quite a bit of feedback from the book. People who are writing into you and contacting you. What some of the feedback that you're getting?
[00:35:18.640] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
The biggest feedback is people feel like they got permission to start listening to their intuition and very relatable people was like when I grew up, my dad gives me tomatoes. I talk about how my dad doesn't really share feelings in my family. He gives us bags of frozen potatoes and they're called French fries by everyone else. But he calls them frozen potatoes. And people just realize, you know what? That's my dad. You know, I've been angry at him because he never says I love you. But every time I go to his house, he sends me homeless, a can of tomatoes from his garden or simple things like that.
And so they're like, wow, you know, maybe I need to re-examine my relationship and really kind of focus on how he is telling me he loves me instead of trying to get what I want out of it. What is he telling me? So that's been a good feedback that I absolutely love when people can open a door to the relationship that they have and make it a better one. The other one is just the other feedback I get a lot is just being allowed to use your intuition.
Like I said earlier, people, you know what? This helps me explain to people why I moved to a different state. Someone said people told me I was crazy because I just felt like I needed to move to a whole different state. And she said, you know, this one particular said I bought four books to give to my family because this and said, here, this is why I moved, right? Because I'm listening to my intuition. So being able to allow people.
Should say people being letting people giving them permission to use their intuition. Such a great. I didn't know what was going to come up this book, and that's what makes me happy that people are feeling that they can use.
[00:37:19.930] - Candi Broeffle, Host
It's a gift that you're giving to people.
[00:37:21.790] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
Yeah, they have the green light to use their intuition.
[00:37:25.160] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And so just really welcoming people to really listen to that. Listen to that. We call it intuition. But people also call it the gut feeling it's that the unknown. But something just feels right in it.
[00:37:41.970] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
And I think the book does a good job of approaching intuition from very logical and skeptical mindset because I know people sometimes misinterpret exactly what intuition is. If somebody says your intuitive, then there are some misconfusion of what intuitive means. It doesn't mean that you're going to see ghosts or read people's mind or anything like that. It just means you're in tune with yourself. That's what intuition really is. You're in tune with your own, that you learn how to listen to it and trust it. That's what being intuitive means to me.
[00:38:20.650] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Very cool. So now you are also doing quite a bit of talking speaking on this topic.
[00:38:26.110] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
Yeah. I love speaking on intuition. In the book, I give people four basic steps of how to use their intuition. And so a lot of my speaking engagements. We go through those four steps and how they can apply it to whatever the occasion is or if it's a work environment or whatever the environment is. Then we take those steps and help them to use it in their job or whatever it is.

[00:38:52.550] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So give us a quick recap. But those four steps fire.
[00:38:55.730] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
Sure. So the first step of trying to access your intuition or learning to access your intuition is decide. You have to decide to do it. You can't just be lackadaisical about it. You need to just decide and proclaim it right in a Journal, shout out loud to your cat. Whatever it is. Once you do that, you need to get a reality check. So do a good reality check with your relationships. You need to have a good understanding of where you are in them and making sure that a real relationship.
One of the hard ones I had to figure out was my brother. My brother is a very big-hearted one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, but he he and I just have an off relationship. And I needed to acknowledge that because if I just pretended that we have a sunny, warm brother, is this relationship your intuition that's not going to work. So that's the second step. So you have to decide you do reality check, and then the third step is really elementary. I just ask you need to ask and talk to your intuition, the universe or whatever it is, whatever God it is or wherever you're the infinite wisdom, whatever that is for you.
I like to call it the universe or my intuition and just ask. So ask for a sign of ask for anything your intuition is always listening. So if you're like, why can't I get a boyfriend or a girlfriend? You know, just ask, but then you have to listen and that's the last step is then listen. So decide reality check and then listen for the response. You're not paying attention to the response. What's the point of asking the question?
[00:40:42.550] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And if you don't like the answer, you still have to listen.
[00:40:45.610] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
You still have to listen. Yes. Absolutely.
[00:40:48.930] - Candi Broeffle, Host
So if people wanted to contact you and have you come in and speak to a group, how would they go about contacting you?

[00:40:55.970] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
You can go right on the web page. I have a contact page right there where you can just send me a quick message and I get back to you pretty quickly and, you know, decide of the event and who the audience is. And then we can kind of just go from there and figure out how that's going to look for you.

[00:41:11.890] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Okay. And I do want to say, I just want to let people know Rebecka is spelled R-E-B-E-C-K-A. So it's a little different. And Lassen is L-A-S-S. As in Sam Sam E. N. So it's So we've also been honored to have you in our family of Natural Awakenings. I've said, no. Every time I've introduced you that you are contributor with Natural Awakenings, and you have been doing some interviews with some of our advertisers and talking to them about their businesses. So if people you have interviewed. How many people?
[00:41:49.660] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
There are six interviews, and it's so fun.
[00:41:53.550] - Candi Broeffle, Host
It's just interesting to get to meet people and really understand what it is that they did.
[00:41:58.140] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
They were all from different holistic modalities. And every time I finished an interview, I walked away, I was like, oh, man, I need to do this now. I need to change this. It was just against so much knowledge in each one of those.
[00:42:09.940] - Candi Broeffle, Host
Well, thank you so much for saying that, because that has been my experience for the last 18 months is every time I meet somebody, I think, oh, my gosh, I need to do that. It's so much fun. But if people want to read the issues, you had one that was published in May in June, and now there'll be one in July.
[00:42:27.580] - Rebecka Lassen, Guest
[00:42:28.000] - Candi Broeffle, Host
And then there'll be subsequent ones in the coming months as well. So they can just go to our website at NaturalTwinCities.Com. And you can put in Lassen L-A-S-S-E-N. And it will pull up any of the articles that Rebecka has written for us. So, Rebecka, thank you so much for being with us today and sharing your story. Also giving you permission to trust our intuition. For an online edition of Natural Awakenings magazine, go to NaturalTwinCities.Com. You can find a podcast of this show on or Apple or Google podcast thank you for joining our conversation today as we awaken to natural health. You've been listening to Green Tea conversations, and I'm wishing for you a lovely day!